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Friday, 8 July 2011

Sleek and Lashes!!

Yes I had a make up shopping spree!!! lol

So I also brought some Sleek goodies! I got the contour kit, which i accidentally brought the wrong colour in :-/ I got medium, which I think is too dark for me! the highlighter is awesome though!

And I also got THE AAAAAMAZING Curacao palette! These eyeshadows are just stunning, really creamy, highly pigmented and WOW colours!!


 The colours are tequila sunrise, martini, blue hawaiian, bloody mary, screwdriver, green iguana, apres midori, blue lagoon, purple haze, green martini, singapore sling and espresso martini! My faves are tequila, iguana, green martini and singapore sling! 

So I also got some lovely preeeetty lashes! These are superdrugs new lash range, they didn't have many of the range in stock, so I just got 2 but I must say I am very impressed! 
First I tried on the double volume lashes, which as the name gives away, are made like 2 sets of lashes! So very dramatic! 
 excuse my shinny face lol


And then I tried the natural lashes, these are lovely and long! I really really like these ones!

 These could do with a black line as they are white between the lashes!

I also got a really cheap foundation by a company called NYC colour, it claims to be skin matching. I tried it and its actually pretty good! I have got oily skin so hate high coverage foundations, well this gives a reasonable coverage with no oily texture!

Oh and lastly, I went to get a body spray and noticed a little bargain! Impulse are giving away a barry m lipgloss with their body spray, so i also got this! The lip gloss is a gorgeous colour!!

Thanks again for reading and hope you enjoyed this haul! :-)
Lucie xxx

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