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Friday, 8 July 2011

OMG MUA Haul!!!

Look what i got today........

So I got the very well reviewed Heaven and Earth palette, which is meant to be a fantastic dupe to urban decays naked palette (i have no idea if it is as i'm not lucky enough to own one :-( ). Well it is gooooorgeous!!
Lovely creamy shadows, fantastic pigments! I LOVE it! Here are some swatches:
 The top row!

 The 2nd row!

Next I got the glitter ball palette. This is really pretty too! some stunning sparkly colours, again great pigmentation! I heart the pink!! Swatches.....
 Top row, i love the aqua colour!!

 2nd row! how gorgeous is that pink?? and the purple!!!

Next I got the innocence trio, which is a lovely multi tone brown trio, the cream in this is amazing! you guessed whats coming next.....yes....swatches!!

Next I got a few single eye shadows, I got shade 12 which is an amazing greeny/ brown that looks different under different lights. I got shade 14 which is another multi tone shadow, this one is more of a grey/black/green, this one has been compared to club by MAC. I got shade 4 which is an absolutely stunning pink/purple, I got shade 2 which is a really nice cream colour, I got shade 9 which is an aaaaamazing purple & Last but not least I got an eye dust in shade 3 which is a beautiful light green. The great things about eye dusts is that by dampening them they can look very different than they do dry! The swatch is the eye dust dampened.

 Top row, shades 2, 4 and 9, second row I got shades 12, 14 and the eye dust!

I also got the beautiful lipsticks! In shade 1 which is the most amazing red I have ever owned, i love it so much! shade 2 which is a really wearable purple/red and shade 12 which is a stunning light pink with glitter!
 shade 2, shade 12 and shade 1!!

Next up is the professional blusher and bronzer mosaics! WOW how do I love these, let me count the ways! 1. the blusher is a lovely light blusher but the colour can be nicely built up
2. the bronzer, OMG its amazing!! im quite fair so not many bronzers suit me, but this is a gorgeous colour, not too orange and not too brown!
unfortunately the swatches didn't show up well enough but take my word for it, these are lush!!

I also got the pressed powder, which is a nice pressed powder. I am happy with the colour, consistency and the coverage! here is a picture of the powder I got!
Oh here is a picture of the blusher &  bronzer too :-)

 Bronzer and blush!

I also got the primer, as you can see from the picture. I must admit i'm not a huge fan of the primer, its not the velvet like texture I would expect from a primer.
And last of all I got the mascara, which is a bit watery but still amazing for just £2!!

SOOO in conclusion MUA is an amazing brand!! the make up is such fantastic quality and most items are just £1!! The palettes are just £4 which is really awesome for the quality! I am really looking forward to creating lots of different looks with everything I brought, so keep an eye on my blog as of course I will post them for you to see!!

Hope you enjoyed this haul and If you are considering trying MUA, my advice is go for it, you won't be disappointed!!

Lucie xx

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