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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Review...Technic Idol Mascara

Hey lovelies!!

If you are in the UK you will have heard of Bodycare?! Well I went on a girly weekend to Scotland last weekend & needed toiletries so I popped in last week & I saw the gorgeously packaged Technic Idol Mascara!!
Isn't it lovely?? and the wand is really unusual & the best bit was it only cost £2.10, So I thought hey what have I got to lose.....

The Pros of this product are, The packaging is LUSH!!! the unusual wand makes it easy to coat even the smaller lashes and its mega cheap!

The cons of this product are, I think it has fibres in that are meant to make your lashes thicker....they are annoying, they make it look like my lashes are falling out and they fall under my eyes. The brush is good but the formula is pretty average, it doesn't curl my lashes, or thicken them, or even really lengthen them.

All in all, i'm disappointed :-( and I think i'm going to stick to my beloved volume million lashes......It does look pretty in my make up bag though! lol

Have you tried this mascara? if so what did you think?

Love Lucie xxx