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Monday, 24 October 2011


Hi Guys,

Its my favorite time of year!!! I love haloween!! and its my daughters birthday tomorrow so we are having a haloween party this weekend.
In the sense of the occasion i thought i would try a few looks and the first one, of course, was the traditional vampire chick!
So here is what I did...

AAAAAHHHHHHH lol Hope you like!?
Do you have any suggestions for other haloween looks?
Love Lucie xxx

P.S. Im not naked im in a strapless dress! I always wear it for doing my make-up as it doesnt get in the way but I always look naked in pics! lol

Sunday, 9 October 2011

quick FOTD


Last week before I got ill I decided to do a orange/green eye look with natural lips and cheeks. Here is my face of the day.

We was in the car, excuse my little boy in the background lol

The lights not great but its gold and orange on top, then green on the bottom and an aqua colour on the water line :-)

I hope you are all well and haven't caught any of the awful bugs going around!

Lucie xx

Cheap lip palette Idea..

Hey Loves,

I have been poorly :( I have got a chest infection and tonsillitis so I have spent the last few days in bed. Woe is me!! lol
Anyway I feel a bit better today so I thought I would show you the lip palettes that I have made and how I made them.

Here they are;

I went to the pound shop (in the UK) and brought a pill organiser which has 7 removable sections with 4 little pots in each, with separate lids. I then took a wooden ice lolly stick and cut into my lipstick and pushed it into the section & squished it down so it filled the section, then i took the stick and scooped out the excess out of the lippy tube and put that in too and squished that too (squished is a technical term by the way ;-) ) I then did that with a few other lipsticks in browns, pinks and nudes. Et voila a lipstick palette.

Hope you like it! Have any of you made DIY palettes? if so I'd love to hear about it, comment below?

Lucie xxx