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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

e.l.f HAUL!!! Swatches galore! :-)

As promised this is a pretty big haul of elf products I have received this week, from!

Firstly, I ordered 2 tone correcting concealers. One in rosy beige and the other in spice. I think i will probably mix the 2 as the rosy beige is too light and spice is a bit too dark! They are a nice consistency and tone, here are the swatches:
 Rosy Beige

I ordered the shimmering facial whip, in lilac petal. This is a really pretty multi use product, it makes a stunning highlighter, you could use it under eyeshadow to add shimmer or you could use it over a colour on your lips! Here is the swatch:
 A blob of the whip, not rubbed in.

 Rubbed in, check out the gorgeous shimmer!

The next product is a eye primer and line sealer, the primer is great! it feels nice and stops any creasing. My only complaint is its a bit dark but once rubbed in properly the darkness fades.
Here is the swatch:
This is before its been fully rubbed in.

I also got 2 custom palette's, these are fab!! you can choose what colours and what products you want in this palette. I chose Ivory, moondust for eyes, glow for cheeks and nude blush for lips in one compact and 4 lip colours, nude blush, berry brown, peaches and crimson for the other. 
Here are the swatches:
I covered the mirror so you can't see me, looking rough with the flu!! lol

Fab pigmentation on the colours!

 The lip colours, all stunning!

Look how pigmented they are! even the light colours!

 A better look at crimson, such a gorgeous red!

Next I ordered 2 of the everyday palettes, everyday basics and everyday brights! I ADORE the everyday brights! Most of the colours are amazingly pigmented, there are some matt, some pearl and some sparkly colours. The everyday basics are good too but i'm not as keen, the light colours are not very pigmented, they don't stand out too well and some of the shadows are a bit chalky!
Lots of swatches:
Everyday basics.

Very light colours from the top row.

Darker colours from top row.

2nd row down, some pretty nudes!

2rd row again.

3rd row, silver and blacks

3rd row, closer look at the blacks, some glittery!

bottom row, purples and pastles.

 everyday brights! LOVE!

 Top row, golds.

 2nd row STUNNING greens!!

3rd row, pinks, purples and blues! the first pink is soooo amazing!

very pigmented silvers and blacks on the bottom row!

Another palette i ordered was the beauty encyclopedia in sparkly eyes. This is lush too! Some amazing colours!!
OOOOHH nice packaging!!

 12 powder eyeshadows, 2 cream eyeshadows and an eye liner

Look at how gorgeous these colours are!! first and 2nd row.

3rd row and the creams!

And last but not least I ordered a lip stain, in "first date". This is a gorgeous coral colour! Its very very creamy for a stain, I am definately ordering some more of these in different colours!
How pretty!

So all in all I am LOVING elf products!! They are sooooo affordable and to make them EVEN more affordable I got this little lot at 50% off with their facebook code offer that was on last week!
I would highly recommend every single item I brought! and I am looking forward to trying more products in the future!

Check out all these products and more at :-)

Lucie xx

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