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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Tweet me?

Hiya guys,

I am on twitter if anyone wants to follow me? I must admit I don't tweet all that much but I will try to do it more often!! lol

I am @lucie_glitzglam 

Love Lucie xxx

Friday, 17 February 2012


Hey Lovelies,

I need your help! I am trying really hard to build up this blog and gain more followers but I seem to be stuff at 40! I would love love love to have a bigger audience, it would make my ego happy :-) lol

Anyway I would REALLY appreciate it if you all would do a shout out for me or mention my blog on your blogs/youtube channel's? Of course I will happily do the same for you, just put a comment on this post if you would like a shout out.

And if I can get my blog up to 75 followers I will do a big giveaway with lots of my favorite items in!

FYI, coming up will be a review on my real technique brushes, some "how to" posts and of course eye or face of the days. I'm planning on doing some creative make up posts too, I feel very inspired by IMATS still :-D

Any other suggestions?? I would love to hear them.

Please do let me know any thoughts, ideas or opinions.

Lucie xxx

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Bright and wild...Jessie J inspired lips.


So this is the look i created on my second model. She has a very alternative look, with blue hair! So I went a bit wild with her make up, it was so much fun!!

I wanted to match her hair colour with her eye make up, so I used many different tones of blue, from teal tones to a more royal blue. I then lined her bottom and top lashes with a bright purple and added glitter liner over the top. The lashes for this look are amazing, they sweep out at the corners, creating an elongated, cat eye.

I added some jewels at the corners of her eyes.

Then i started on the lips, i mixed two pout paints to make a really electric purple and added purple jewels, in a jessie j inspired lip look.

I really enjoyed doing both of the looks today, it was a real honour being able to make up such beautiful canvas's!
Here are a few more pictures x

Soooo stunning!

What do you think?

Lucie xxx

Nude but glam!!

Hey lovelies,

Today i had the pleasure of doing two very different looks on two very different models.

The first I did was a neutrals but glam look with MASSIVE lashes!!

I focused alot on creating a glowing and glam look and because of the impact of the big lashes, i decided to go for a nice coral/nude lip.

Isn't my model stunning?

Hope you like?

Lucie xxx

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Hot like fire eye!


Another post from me! I am on a roll! lol

Today I was playing with my reds and oranges and came up with this look....

definitely not an everyday wearable look! but I like it :-)

For this look I used the Sleek bohemian palette and the orange from my curacao palette. I used the nyx jumbo pencil in milk as my base to make the colours pop!

Lucie xx

Purple dramatic eye, with Sleek & MUA

Hi guys,

I just wanted to share a very quick eye look I did on a client last week, I used inexpensive products but look at what a dramatic look that can be created.

I used MUA's Poptastic palette & Sleek's curacao palette for this look.

Lucie xx

Friday, 10 February 2012

IMATS....Photos and details of the day.

Hey everyone,

So I went to my first IMATS last weekend and we had an absolutely fantastic time! Mostly because of the wonderful company I had!! I met up with a group of girls that I only know through blogging and facebook and it was seriously like I had known them my whole life!! I met sophieSfrancisHarriet1984 and shiningstarmakeup, please check out their youtube channels and blogs as they really are the loveliest ladies!!

So we got to Alexandra Palace and the first thing I thought was it was no where near as packed as I thought it would be! which was good!! We got in straight away and as soon as we walked in we saw this:

How awesome???

Oh and then this.......

So much talent!!

During the day there was various demonstrations and talks going on and walking around were some "creations" who absolutely loved scaring everyone, Sophie literally ran when ever one of them came near us lol!


More EEEEEEK!!!!

There was also a student competition, I couldn't get close enough to get any good photos of the actual show but here is a couple of the contestants...

 How beautiful??


And here are some of the other beauties we saw on the day.....

This make up artist was at the make up forever stand, she was blowing glitter onto her models leg.

The glittery leg!

The gorgeous ladies at treasure house of make up!



Some of the art on show!!

So all in all it was a fab day!! It was very expensive and that is my only complaint really, I think we should have at least got some freebies for the price of the ticket! There were some great discounts but the stands with the best discounts were very busy & it was hard to get close enough to have a proper browse!
Oh and next year I am taking a list of what I want because I didn't get stuff I really wanted to get this year.

My new BFF's!!!!!

Did you go to IMATS? if so what did you think?

Lucie xxx

My Lana Del Ray inspired look :-)

Hey lovelies,

Hope you are all well?

If you haven't heard of Lana Del Ray you must have been living under a rock....Yep shes the new "next big thing", and to top off the mountains of talent she is also gorgeous and has a fabulous style!

So I thought I would have a go at creating my first inspired look, bare in mind she looks nowt like me!! lol

So here it is;

This is the beauty herself.

My ugly mug lol

For this look I used Illamasqua light liquid foundation in LF120, buffed onto the skin with the real techniques buffing brush. I then took the real techniques contour brush and applied the body shop bronzing pearls to the contour of my cheeks. I then took a small blush brush and applied MAC pinch me to my cheeks, I took a fan brush and applied the lightest section of avon's light and luminous, cool shimmers palette for a highlight, i also applied this down my nose and on my cupids bow. Then I took the MUA heaven and earth palette and took the third colour in on the bottom row and placed this on my lids, I took the second colour from the top row & blended that into the area just above my crease, putting the majority of the colour on the outer eye and blending it in towards the nose. I then took the very last colour in the palette and blended that into my crease to add contour and depth. I then took the ELF cream eyeliner in black and my new fave eyeliner brush, its the IB132 stiff brow brush from crown and I made a very thick cat eye styled flick, I then applied the cream liner to my upper water line & about three quarters of the way in on my bottom water line. I curled my lashes added Loreal volume million lashes mascara and some huuuuuuuuuge lashes from superdrug's new lash range, they are the double volume edition 40. 

A close up of the eye.

Then I moved onto the lips! Lana has stunning lips, mine are a bit wonky! lol anyway for the lips I put my MAC studio fix foundation over them to blank out my natural pigment. I then took my nyx auto pencil in hot fudge and drew on my lip line, then i blended that in to lighten in. I then took my sleek pout paint in milkshake, i put the tinniest dot on the back of my hand and blended it in with a nude pink lipgloss, i added this very lightly with my finger, patting it on, the purpose of this is not really to add colour but to slightly warm up the colour already on my lips.

A close up of my wonky lips lol.

I hope you like my first inspired look? let me know if you would like me to do more of these? and if so any suggestions??

Lucie xxx

Sunday, 5 February 2012

IMATS haul!!!!

Hiya everyone,

As you may or may not know IMATS is this weekend and I went yesterday!!

I will do a separate post with all the details of the day, this is just a quick one to show what I brought.

Hope you enjoy...

Goodies!!! I <3 my imats bag!! lol

I got a few crown brushes.

Illamasqua had some amazing discounts!! but was very packed :-/

Duo lash glue, beauty so clean spray, nyx glitter liner, 2 auto pencils, a glitter and a pigment and a jumbo pencil.

Illamasqua pencils were £2!!! A lipgloss and a pigment.
Real Techniques brushes!! cant wait to review these!!

And here are the swatches........

The Illamasqua lip pencil, the gloss, the 2 eye liner pencils and the foundation.

The NYX jumbo pencil, the pigment, the glitter, the glitter liner & the 2 auto pencils.

The illamasqua pigment, how gorgeous??

The sleek pout paints

The colours mixed! Cant wait to play with these!!!!

Did you go to IMATS? did you get any bargains? 

Love Lucie xxxx