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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Brown is better?


So after doing my blue look my other half said "I don't know why you do blue, brown suits you much better!" So I did a brown look too! Compare & contrast!! lol

I used MUA's heaven and earth palette for this one. Again I applied the NYX pencil in milk to my lids, I then patted on the lightest cream, I used the darker brown 4th in for my inner V and crease and then added the sparkly brown on the bottom row into my crease and under my lower lash line. Again I used MUA's gorge 3 in 1 contour pen & MUA extreme volume mascara.

Then I glammed the look up by adding red lippy & lashes!

So whadya think? BLUE OR BROWN?? which is the best look???

Love Lucie xxx


Hey gorgeous people,

I have been playing with my new MUA palette and decided to try a shimmery blue eye look.

For this I used NYX jumbo pencil in milk to cover my lids, I then patted on the light blue from the poptastic palette, all over my lids. On my inner v and crease I used the darkest blue and I then blended that in with the mid blue, which I also put on my lower lash line. I then used MUA 3 in 1 contour stick, which I BLOODY LOVE!! its so easy to use and work with. On my lashes I used MUA extreme volume mascara.

Love Lucie xxx

New Name!

Hi girlies,

I have decided that my original blog name is too long & not catchy enough! So I have changed it to Glitz, Glam and Gorgeous!

What do you think??

If you have enjoyed reading my blog please do follow & if any bloggers mention me in their blog I promise to return the favour!

Lucie xxx

Monday, 18 July 2011

My new babies!!! :-D

My beautiful cat had 4 amazingly cute kittens 3 weeks ago! I thought I would share some pictures of their gorgeousness with you!!

All 4 are girls.

Aint they adorable??? They hadnt opened their eyes properly in these piccys but they have now, so here are some more recent pics!

 OOOOHHH lol cuties!!

Just toooo lovely!!

And just a few more but these are a bit dark!

Aren't they gorgeous lil things!!??

Lucie xxx

Cute pink MUA look!

Hi everyone,

I thought I would post a look I tried the other day that is alot more wearable than the last sleek look! lol

I decided to go for a shimmery pastel pink with a touch of purple. I used the MUA glitterball palette.

here's a close up:

And here is the full face:

 Soooo wish i was more photogenic!!

AND this week I entered a competition on The make up bag's facebook page! It was to create a make up look using one colour! The rules were you could use foundation and mascara but the eyes, cheeks and lips had to be one eyeshadow!! 
For the picture I entered I used a the purple colour in the elf beauty encyclopedia, sparkly eyes! It actually made a really pretty blusher!

After doing this one I thought I would try another colour, so I used to gorgeous pink in the sleek palette.

 the headband is not such a good look lol

I really enjoyed doing these one colour looks!! why not give it a try and let me know how you get on?

Lucie xx

Friday, 8 July 2011

Sleek curacao palette look!

Heya, me again!

This is my last post for tonight!

I was playing around with my new gorgeous sleek palette tonight and i created a rather colourful look!
 not very wearable but mega funky!


So to create this look i first primed my eyes, covered up to the crease in martini. I then patted screwdriver into the corners of my eye lids, i then added tequila sunrise to the middle of my lid and blue hawaiian to the outside of my lid. I the added purple haze to the crease and went over that and onto the bone with blue lagoon. Then on the lower lash line i put screwdriver into the corner and blended purple haze into that. I then patted blue hawaiian into my water line and put on my mascara.

 Excuse my rather large forehead, i normally have a fringe but it needs cutting big time! lol

 Rocking the Caribbean look!

I hope you like it? Let me know what you think?

Lucie xx

Sleek and Lashes!!

Yes I had a make up shopping spree!!! lol

So I also brought some Sleek goodies! I got the contour kit, which i accidentally brought the wrong colour in :-/ I got medium, which I think is too dark for me! the highlighter is awesome though!

And I also got THE AAAAAMAZING Curacao palette! These eyeshadows are just stunning, really creamy, highly pigmented and WOW colours!!


 The colours are tequila sunrise, martini, blue hawaiian, bloody mary, screwdriver, green iguana, apres midori, blue lagoon, purple haze, green martini, singapore sling and espresso martini! My faves are tequila, iguana, green martini and singapore sling! 

So I also got some lovely preeeetty lashes! These are superdrugs new lash range, they didn't have many of the range in stock, so I just got 2 but I must say I am very impressed! 
First I tried on the double volume lashes, which as the name gives away, are made like 2 sets of lashes! So very dramatic! 
 excuse my shinny face lol


And then I tried the natural lashes, these are lovely and long! I really really like these ones!

 These could do with a black line as they are white between the lashes!

I also got a really cheap foundation by a company called NYC colour, it claims to be skin matching. I tried it and its actually pretty good! I have got oily skin so hate high coverage foundations, well this gives a reasonable coverage with no oily texture!

Oh and lastly, I went to get a body spray and noticed a little bargain! Impulse are giving away a barry m lipgloss with their body spray, so i also got this! The lip gloss is a gorgeous colour!!

Thanks again for reading and hope you enjoyed this haul! :-)
Lucie xxx

My first MUA look!

Hey guys,

As promised here is my first eye shadow look!

I used MUA palette, heaven and earth. First i primed the eye, then i put the first cream colour on the top row all over my lids, then in the first half of my lid i put the 3rd shade along on the bottom row, then on the other half of my lid i put the shade next to it, I put the darker brown next to it into my crease and blended it all in. I then took the first cream and put it on my brow bone to highlight it and to blend away any harsh lines. Then under the lashes I put the shade 3rd in on the bottom row again just in the corner & about half way in, then i took the crease shade again and put that on the rest of my lower lash line and again blended the colours. I then put a bit of black eye liner pencil on my lower lash line and a small, thin line on the top and put on the MUA curl mascara.

This is the finished look, the lipstick im wearing is MUA's gorgeous shade 12!

Hope you like it :-)

Lucie xx

OMG MUA Haul!!!

Look what i got today........

So I got the very well reviewed Heaven and Earth palette, which is meant to be a fantastic dupe to urban decays naked palette (i have no idea if it is as i'm not lucky enough to own one :-( ). Well it is gooooorgeous!!
Lovely creamy shadows, fantastic pigments! I LOVE it! Here are some swatches:
 The top row!

 The 2nd row!

Next I got the glitter ball palette. This is really pretty too! some stunning sparkly colours, again great pigmentation! I heart the pink!! Swatches.....
 Top row, i love the aqua colour!!

 2nd row! how gorgeous is that pink?? and the purple!!!

Next I got the innocence trio, which is a lovely multi tone brown trio, the cream in this is amazing! you guessed whats coming next.....yes....swatches!!

Next I got a few single eye shadows, I got shade 12 which is an amazing greeny/ brown that looks different under different lights. I got shade 14 which is another multi tone shadow, this one is more of a grey/black/green, this one has been compared to club by MAC. I got shade 4 which is an absolutely stunning pink/purple, I got shade 2 which is a really nice cream colour, I got shade 9 which is an aaaaamazing purple & Last but not least I got an eye dust in shade 3 which is a beautiful light green. The great things about eye dusts is that by dampening them they can look very different than they do dry! The swatch is the eye dust dampened.

 Top row, shades 2, 4 and 9, second row I got shades 12, 14 and the eye dust!

I also got the beautiful lipsticks! In shade 1 which is the most amazing red I have ever owned, i love it so much! shade 2 which is a really wearable purple/red and shade 12 which is a stunning light pink with glitter!
 shade 2, shade 12 and shade 1!!

Next up is the professional blusher and bronzer mosaics! WOW how do I love these, let me count the ways! 1. the blusher is a lovely light blusher but the colour can be nicely built up
2. the bronzer, OMG its amazing!! im quite fair so not many bronzers suit me, but this is a gorgeous colour, not too orange and not too brown!
unfortunately the swatches didn't show up well enough but take my word for it, these are lush!!

I also got the pressed powder, which is a nice pressed powder. I am happy with the colour, consistency and the coverage! here is a picture of the powder I got!
Oh here is a picture of the blusher &  bronzer too :-)

 Bronzer and blush!

I also got the primer, as you can see from the picture. I must admit i'm not a huge fan of the primer, its not the velvet like texture I would expect from a primer.
And last of all I got the mascara, which is a bit watery but still amazing for just £2!!

SOOO in conclusion MUA is an amazing brand!! the make up is such fantastic quality and most items are just £1!! The palettes are just £4 which is really awesome for the quality! I am really looking forward to creating lots of different looks with everything I brought, so keep an eye on my blog as of course I will post them for you to see!!

Hope you enjoyed this haul and If you are considering trying MUA, my advice is go for it, you won't be disappointed!!

Lucie xx