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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

See my ELF haul....on my face! woo! lol

Hey everyone!

As you may have seen in my previous post, I brought some ELF items last week. Here are those items in action so to speak!!

Elf butter pecan cream shadow & the exact lash mascara on my little and bottom lashes.
Loreal volume million lashes on the rest ;-) lol

Vixen blush - very blended!

Heartbreaker blush

Vixen blush....on my lips with macs boy bait gloss on top! I really like this look, its very multi-tone!

What elf products you love or hate??

Love Lucie xx

ELF & MAC mini haul :-D

Hey ladies,
Thank you to those who replied to my input blog! 

A few weeks ago I went to MAC to get some foundation and was dazzled by the gorgeous glitter and ice collection!! I ended up buying my studio fix foundation in NW15 and these goodies!!....
MAC Paint Pot in "Lets Skate"

This is an absolutely GORGEOUS paint pot!! Its been my fave item since I brought it! 
Its like a baby pink with gold, iridescent sparkles. I wear it on its own with gel liner & mascara 
or under another shadow, the sparkles shine through!!

Ohhhhhh I <3 you paint pot!!

Excuse the picture, mine didn't turn out very well!! Anyway these lipglosses are just stunning!
I got the neutral one and in that i got 2 cremesheens and 2 dazzle glasses. 
I got these as my chrimbo pressie off my hubby :-D.

Now onto my e.l.f haul....

If you know of e.l.f you will know that they are really affordable and fantastic quality AND they often have fab sales!! Well they extended their 40% off sale the other week, so I had to take advantage, it would have been rude not to!! lol this is what I brought....

The exact lash mascara - this is so good for getting eyelashes that frame your eyes, it gets all those wee lashes that normal mascara wands miss & its great for your bottom lashes!

I've seen mixed reviews on e.l.f's lashes but I personally really like them! & for £1.50 you cant go wrong!!

Elf's cream shadow palette....I have to say I am disappointed :-( 
the shadows are really greasy so I can see them creasing really easy and the pigmentation isn't great!

As you can see by the swatches, a few of them you can hardly see...

Elf's cream blushes!!! ohhhh how I love thee!!
Fab consistency, easy to blend, fab pigmentation!!

This one is heartbreaker - its a really pretty pink, very buildable!

This one is vixen - wow!! this one is so gorgeous! its a berry, burgundy red!

Look how pretty it is?

This is vixen blended out.

Elf's cream shadow in Butter Pecan- can you see how shimmery it is?? <3

As opposed to the cream shadow palette, I LOVE THIS!! its really pigmented & pretty!


Treat and tame, I've only used this once since I got it but from what I can tell so far its fab!
I don't like dark eyebrows and the colour of this is just perfect for me.

Love Lucie xxx

Thursday, 24 November 2011

In need of a bit of imput?

Hey Ladies,

How are you all?

I am after a bit of imput (as the title says lol) What do you think of the blog so far?

What sort of blog posts do you enjoy?

What would you like to see more of?

Also If you have a blog of your own PLEASE PLEASE comment below and leave a link as I would love to follow you too....

Any other imput you would like to leave please comment below!?

Thanks :-D

Love Lucie xxx

Woohoo!! I got a blog award! :-)

Sorrrrrrrry!!! I know I've not posted for ages, I've been mega mega busy! But I had to pop on here to say thank you to the lovely shiningstarmakeup for giving me a blog award!

I have been given "the versatile blogger award" :-D

Here's how the rules work:
1*You have to thank the person that gave you the award and a link back to there blog.
2* Then you have to share 7 facts about yourself.
3* You then have to send the award on to 15 other bloggers whose blogs that you appreciate and then let them know that they have been given the award
So first and formost, THANK YOU to shiningstarmakeup!!
And here are my *hopefully* interesting facts!
1. I have four young children.
2. I am studying to be a make-up artist
3. I am also studying to become a midwife and have my first uni interview NEXT WEEK!! EEEK!
4. I have 2 puppies and a one year old dog, all three are staffys and all are girls.
5. I colour my hair far too often!!
6. I have an unhealthy obssesion with vampire books, movies and TV shows :-/ I just enjoy the escapism of it, oh and the men in them are often pretty gorgeous too!! lol
7. My absolute dream is to take my kids to disneyland and one day I WILL!! :-D
I am sending this award out to:
-My Make Up Life-
Dyna's Random Blog
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Miss Budget Beauty
Ninas Bargain Beauty
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and im going to send it back to
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*****Sorry its not 15, I dont know any others yet! ******
Love Lucie xxx