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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Blink & go FOTD

Hey everyone,

as promised here is my face of the day using the blink and go palette!

I dyed my hair too what do you think?
too dark??

On my face I used ELF foundation in sand, I primed my lids with ELF eye primer, then I packed on the shimmer white in the blink & go palette, I then took the purple & blended it in the outer V & my crease, I then took the white again & put it as a highlight on my brow bone, then i took the light gold colour & blended out the the purple with it, then I took the pink and added a bit to my crease, i then went back to the purple & added more to my crease for definition. Then I took a small angled brush & put the purple on my lower lash line, I took the white again & put that on my tear duct area. I then took a shimmery purple liner from ELF & put that on my upper & lower lash lines. I then took urban decay 24/7 liner, in brown & put that on my water line. I used ELF double ended mascara for my lashes. I used the HD palette on my brows.

On my cheeks I used a light pink blush & then took the coral colour from the blink and go palette & put that on my apples of my cheeks.

I finished with a nude liner & lipstick from avon & added MAC dazzle glass to the centre of my lips to plump them up a bit! I then powdered with ELF HD powder.

I hope you like!? Any suggestions for other looks you would like to see?

Lucie xxx

Ok so I gave glossybox one more chance!!

Hey everyone!

As you can probably gather from the title, I got another glossy box! I had a bad experience with their shocking customer services & vowed never to get one again, but my friend went to the clothes show & got a code for a free box, & hey free IS free! So I ordered one.....and I am so glad I did!!!

The December box is AAAAAHHHHMMMMAAAZZZIIINNGG!!! This months box is red! which is really pretty!! and everything in it I am so so happy with! I got a FULL sized rituals shower gel, which I used in the shower this morning and its the most gorgeous shower gel i've ever tried, it smells lush & made my skin so so soft!! I also got a FULL sized Blink and Go palette, which is awesome, the colours are really pigmented & shimmery, I love it!! I got a mini nail polish by Deborah Lipman, in razzle dazzle which is a really pretty glittery red! I got a stunning lipgloss from Cargo, which is so so sparkly & looks gorgeous on! and last of all I got a sample of Bionova eye cream, which ive used for 2 days and I really like!

I am really sorry that I haven't taken pictures but I was too excited to use everything and this is the first box I have had that I have tried EVERYTHING in it already! 

I am going to do my face of the day next which uses the blink & go palette I got so look out for that!

If you haven't already got your glossybox this month definitely get it!! and if you have got it, what did you get in your box??

Lucie xxx

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

See my ELF haul....on my face! woo! lol

Hey everyone!

As you may have seen in my previous post, I brought some ELF items last week. Here are those items in action so to speak!!

Elf butter pecan cream shadow & the exact lash mascara on my little and bottom lashes.
Loreal volume million lashes on the rest ;-) lol

Vixen blush - very blended!

Heartbreaker blush

Vixen blush....on my lips with macs boy bait gloss on top! I really like this look, its very multi-tone!

What elf products you love or hate??

Love Lucie xx

ELF & MAC mini haul :-D

Hey ladies,
Thank you to those who replied to my input blog! 

A few weeks ago I went to MAC to get some foundation and was dazzled by the gorgeous glitter and ice collection!! I ended up buying my studio fix foundation in NW15 and these goodies!!....
MAC Paint Pot in "Lets Skate"

This is an absolutely GORGEOUS paint pot!! Its been my fave item since I brought it! 
Its like a baby pink with gold, iridescent sparkles. I wear it on its own with gel liner & mascara 
or under another shadow, the sparkles shine through!!

Ohhhhhh I <3 you paint pot!!

Excuse the picture, mine didn't turn out very well!! Anyway these lipglosses are just stunning!
I got the neutral one and in that i got 2 cremesheens and 2 dazzle glasses. 
I got these as my chrimbo pressie off my hubby :-D.

Now onto my e.l.f haul....

If you know of e.l.f you will know that they are really affordable and fantastic quality AND they often have fab sales!! Well they extended their 40% off sale the other week, so I had to take advantage, it would have been rude not to!! lol this is what I brought....

The exact lash mascara - this is so good for getting eyelashes that frame your eyes, it gets all those wee lashes that normal mascara wands miss & its great for your bottom lashes!

I've seen mixed reviews on e.l.f's lashes but I personally really like them! & for £1.50 you cant go wrong!!

Elf's cream shadow palette....I have to say I am disappointed :-( 
the shadows are really greasy so I can see them creasing really easy and the pigmentation isn't great!

As you can see by the swatches, a few of them you can hardly see...

Elf's cream blushes!!! ohhhh how I love thee!!
Fab consistency, easy to blend, fab pigmentation!!

This one is heartbreaker - its a really pretty pink, very buildable!

This one is vixen - wow!! this one is so gorgeous! its a berry, burgundy red!

Look how pretty it is?

This is vixen blended out.

Elf's cream shadow in Butter Pecan- can you see how shimmery it is?? <3

As opposed to the cream shadow palette, I LOVE THIS!! its really pigmented & pretty!


Treat and tame, I've only used this once since I got it but from what I can tell so far its fab!
I don't like dark eyebrows and the colour of this is just perfect for me.

Love Lucie xxx

Thursday, 24 November 2011

In need of a bit of imput?

Hey Ladies,

How are you all?

I am after a bit of imput (as the title says lol) What do you think of the blog so far?

What sort of blog posts do you enjoy?

What would you like to see more of?

Also If you have a blog of your own PLEASE PLEASE comment below and leave a link as I would love to follow you too....

Any other imput you would like to leave please comment below!?

Thanks :-D

Love Lucie xxx

Woohoo!! I got a blog award! :-)

Sorrrrrrrry!!! I know I've not posted for ages, I've been mega mega busy! But I had to pop on here to say thank you to the lovely shiningstarmakeup for giving me a blog award!

I have been given "the versatile blogger award" :-D

Here's how the rules work:
1*You have to thank the person that gave you the award and a link back to there blog.
2* Then you have to share 7 facts about yourself.
3* You then have to send the award on to 15 other bloggers whose blogs that you appreciate and then let them know that they have been given the award
So first and formost, THANK YOU to shiningstarmakeup!!
And here are my *hopefully* interesting facts!
1. I have four young children.
2. I am studying to be a make-up artist
3. I am also studying to become a midwife and have my first uni interview NEXT WEEK!! EEEK!
4. I have 2 puppies and a one year old dog, all three are staffys and all are girls.
5. I colour my hair far too often!!
6. I have an unhealthy obssesion with vampire books, movies and TV shows :-/ I just enjoy the escapism of it, oh and the men in them are often pretty gorgeous too!! lol
7. My absolute dream is to take my kids to disneyland and one day I WILL!! :-D
I am sending this award out to:
-My Make Up Life-
Dyna's Random Blog
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Miss Budget Beauty
Ninas Bargain Beauty
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and im going to send it back to
Shiningstar Make-Up
*****Sorry its not 15, I dont know any others yet! ******
Love Lucie xxx

Monday, 24 October 2011


Hi Guys,

Its my favorite time of year!!! I love haloween!! and its my daughters birthday tomorrow so we are having a haloween party this weekend.
In the sense of the occasion i thought i would try a few looks and the first one, of course, was the traditional vampire chick!
So here is what I did...

AAAAAHHHHHHH lol Hope you like!?
Do you have any suggestions for other haloween looks?
Love Lucie xxx

P.S. Im not naked im in a strapless dress! I always wear it for doing my make-up as it doesnt get in the way but I always look naked in pics! lol

Sunday, 9 October 2011

quick FOTD


Last week before I got ill I decided to do a orange/green eye look with natural lips and cheeks. Here is my face of the day.

We was in the car, excuse my little boy in the background lol

The lights not great but its gold and orange on top, then green on the bottom and an aqua colour on the water line :-)

I hope you are all well and haven't caught any of the awful bugs going around!

Lucie xx

Cheap lip palette Idea..

Hey Loves,

I have been poorly :( I have got a chest infection and tonsillitis so I have spent the last few days in bed. Woe is me!! lol
Anyway I feel a bit better today so I thought I would show you the lip palettes that I have made and how I made them.

Here they are;

I went to the pound shop (in the UK) and brought a pill organiser which has 7 removable sections with 4 little pots in each, with separate lids. I then took a wooden ice lolly stick and cut into my lipstick and pushed it into the section & squished it down so it filled the section, then i took the stick and scooped out the excess out of the lippy tube and put that in too and squished that too (squished is a technical term by the way ;-) ) I then did that with a few other lipsticks in browns, pinks and nudes. Et voila a lipstick palette.

Hope you like it! Have any of you made DIY palettes? if so I'd love to hear about it, comment below?

Lucie xxx

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Latest in Beauty....

Hey gurlies,

You may of heard of beauty boxes? I think most people have by now... I subscribe to glossybox and I haven't really fancied any of the others but then I found Latest In Beauty and it was too good to pass up!! They offer a service where you can pick luxury sized samples for just a couple of quid to try before you buy, which is an absolutely fantastic idea in my opinion. They also do a sample box where you can order 3 sachets/ samples for just a pound and that includes delivery! And last but not least they do monthly beauty boxes! BUT theirs is only £4.95!!! This is an introductory price so may change but I really hope it stays! I ordered a £1 box & the monthly box, let me show you what I got:

With this I also got 3 blemish skin set, cleanser toner & moisturiser, which is awesome!!

Details of what I got.

My latest in beauty box! 

The Liz Earle set was an extra, I got a code from a magazine for it to be added to this box. So normally you would just get the mini batiste, the clarins moisuriser, a mans nivea moisturiser & a couple of sachets. But remember it costs less than a fiver where as glossy bos is almost £13!!

So what do you think of latest in beauty? Will you be buying anything? let me know what you think if you do?

Lucie xxx

funky purple!

Hi guys,

Sorry I haven't posted for agesssss!! I have just started college and its already pretty intense! I am really enjoying it though.

Anywho back to make-up :-) Last week I fancied doing a funky purple eye, I ended up doing a full face in purple which was interesting but not very wearable!

Here are some piccys:

Purple eyes, lips & cheeks! 

Hope you like it? What colours would you use for a funky eye look?

Lucie xx

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Dove hair therapy review!

Hiya all,

Just another very quick update/review for you.
I was sent Dove's new hair therapy range to try a couple of weeks ago as mentioned in my giveaway and I just wanted to let you know my thoughts.

The shampoo: This is a good shampoo, cleans my hair well, doesnt leave it with any residue or make it greasy. My only complaint is it smells like that chemically shampoo smell & I wish it smelt more like dove soap which I adoreeee the smell of!

The intensive repair mask: This is so so good!! my hair is very damaged and this has really helped it become more soft and smooth!

The conditioner: this in my opinion is as good as the repair mask!! I use it more regular than the mask and as above my hair is in so much better condition, its shinny, smooth, healthy looking and feeling and I can actually get the brush through it now!!

So all in I give the range an 8/10 and would highly recommend these products if your hair needs some TLC

Lucie xx

Glossy box!

Hey lovelies!

Today I got my FIRST glossy box!! I was so so excited to get it as I had been on the waiting list for quite a while and every month I had looked at reviews on other peoples blogs! Some of the boxes have been outstanding!!
So I get home from college and there's a card through the door!!! aaaaaarghhhhh so I sent my lovely hubby to the local depot to pick up my parcel ;-) and while he's doing that I had a look for reviews on the net and there are a few already and ohhhhhhhh I am so excited about getting the mythic oil as Ive seen some awesome reviews for it and there is an eye cream I really fancy trying. Well the hubs returns with my glossy box under his arm....woohoo...... I open it....

It's so pretty! the box is lovely and definitely will be used to hold some of my masses of make up....I open the glossy box itself....

It's at this point I notice that I haven't got the mythic oil or the eye cream :-( boohoo!!! What I got instead is good, but I did really want those other items.
Anyway here is what I did get.....

Loving the packaging! V urban decay...

I am not blonde anymore but the colours are great for me as I'm not keen on dark brows on me.

Not too keen on this perfume..

A teeny tiny pot and I am not even sure what its for! The info with box doesn't say!

These look really good and I will be interested to try them!

This smells sooooooo lovely, I am trying to swap with someone for the mythic oil just because I am so keen to try it, but if not I will be happy to use this product even if its just because it smells so goooorgeous!!

All in all I am happy with my box, my only real complaint (apart from not getting the items I would have liked, which is no ones fault) is I really don't think glossy box should be putting samples of perfumes in their boxes, as we really can get these for free!! Maybe if they put them in as a little extra that would be nice but it shouldn't be one of the five items! I will be keeping my subscription for a while to give it a good run but if after a few months no items blow me away I might consider trying the feel unique box instead.

Do any of you guys subscribe to any beauty boxes? if so what are your thoughts? Did any of you with glossy boxes get different items to me?

Lucie xx