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Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Me again :-)

I have been playing with my elf make up tonight and wanted to share the looks with you!

First of all I put my tone corrector on my blemishes and under my eyes (not great cover for blemishes), Then I put my mineral foundation on with my (rather sharp) kabuki brush :-\. On top of that I put some blusher & my shimmering facial whip, I also put the shimmering whip under my brows. I then took my beauty encylcopedia palette and put the silver cream shadow on my lids, on the first third of my eye i put the silver shadow, then the bronzy gold colour, then in the crease I put the aqua green and blended it all in. I then put black eye liner pencil on my water line and I used a damp brush to put the silver black eye shadow as an eye liner above my lashes & on my lower lash line, I blended a deeper green in with the black at the bottom and put on my mascara. I then used my lip palette & the nude colour on my lips.
Here are a few pictures, hope you like them...
Hate having my photo taken! lol

 Ohhh long lashes!!


Next I went for a brighter, less sparkly look! I got a moss green out of the brights palette, added that to half of my eye lid, i then took a brighter green and packed it onto the other half. I took a briiiiight green and put that into my crease & blended. I then put a bright blue right into my crease. I added a bit of eye liner put some green under my bottom lashes and then some mascara.
More piccys!!...

excuse my spot! ouch its sore!!

 And lastly, I put on my lip stain & I love it, so thought I would share!

First date, without gloss!

 With gloss!

So what do you think of the looks I have tried? oh and excuse my hair, its wet :-p


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