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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Latest in Beauty....

Hey gurlies,

You may of heard of beauty boxes? I think most people have by now... I subscribe to glossybox and I haven't really fancied any of the others but then I found Latest In Beauty and it was too good to pass up!! They offer a service where you can pick luxury sized samples for just a couple of quid to try before you buy, which is an absolutely fantastic idea in my opinion. They also do a sample box where you can order 3 sachets/ samples for just a pound and that includes delivery! And last but not least they do monthly beauty boxes! BUT theirs is only £4.95!!! This is an introductory price so may change but I really hope it stays! I ordered a £1 box & the monthly box, let me show you what I got:

With this I also got 3 blemish skin set, cleanser toner & moisturiser, which is awesome!!

Details of what I got.

My latest in beauty box! 

The Liz Earle set was an extra, I got a code from a magazine for it to be added to this box. So normally you would just get the mini batiste, the clarins moisuriser, a mans nivea moisturiser & a couple of sachets. But remember it costs less than a fiver where as glossy bos is almost £13!!

So what do you think of latest in beauty? Will you be buying anything? let me know what you think if you do?

Lucie xxx


  1. I like the idea of the theme boxes. I can't wait to see the next one. :)


  2. Hi Lucie,
    That little box looks FAB!
    What was the magazine from which you gained the code for extra Liz Earle C&P?
    Really like the blog!
    Kindest Regards


  3. I like the idea of the theme boxes. I can't wait to find out what's in the next one. :)

  4. hi what was the code to get the liz earle set x thanks

  5. hi whats the code to get the liz earle set ? thanks sarah

  6. Hiya I think the code was LIZWOMAN but I can't remember for sure sorry guys xxx

  7. great blog i love to see what everyone gets in there boxes and like u say its a lot cheaper than glossy box xx