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Thursday, 1 September 2011

ELF HAUL TIME!!!! Yippeee

Hey Guys,

I'm soooooo excited!! Last week ELF had one of their amazing 50% off sales!! So of course I took full advantage of this!

 I got theeeeese.......

A Kabuki brush which cost me £2.50!!
Daily brush cleaner £1.75
Mineral infused primer £3.00
Concealer pencil & brush £1.75
Corrective concealer £1.75
Flawless finish foundation in sand £3.25
Studio Matte Lip colour in coral £1.75
studio conditioning lip balm spf15 in mellow Mellon £1.75
Eye transformer £1.75
Shimmer eye pencils in boldly bronzed, grassy green and plum passion for 75p each!
lipstick in natural nymph £1.75
professional 9 pc master set of brushes for £7.50
and a get the look set in glitz and glam (of course!) for £3.75

First thing I will mention is the things I wasn't so keen on. The lipstick in natural nymph has taught me that nude colours do NOT suit me!! The lipstick is pretty & creamy but not at all my colour.
See how light it is, its pretty much my skin colour!

The next thing I'm not so keen on is the corrective concealer. Its just a bit thick and not all that creamy & the 2 skin tones are very similar on the skin, the dark should be darker in my opinion! Also I have no idea what the pink colour is for! Here's the swatches (which were difficult to get as they are quite waxy) 
Not very easy to see sorry! light colour, green, pink and a strip along the bottom is the darker colour :-/

The other thing I'm disappointed in, really sadly is the matte lip colour! I adore my other one in tea rose but this one seems much more drying on my lips and the colour isn't as bright as i had thought it would be.

And the last thing is the eye transformer! Ok I will admit, I'm not really sure what these are meant to do! I thought they might be eye primers but they are just like very pale eye shadows! I think they would make nice highlight colours but I haven't had chance to use them yet. Once I find out exactly what I am meant to do with these I might love watch this space!

Now on to the items I LOVEEEE!!

Firstly, this item I have seen so many mixed reviews on! Some love it, some hate it! I love it!! IT is the studio flawless finish foundation. The colour sand matches my skin amazingly well, the thick consistency gives a really good coverage, it blends sooooo well!!! It is a bit oily but its not oily as in greasy and I have massively oily skin but it sits very nicely on my skin and I have worn it all day and it has lasted well although I am a bit on the shinny side. I might try it tomorrow with MAC oil control lotion and see if that's any better.
Excuse my nails, they need re-doing!! how nars'esque is the packaging?


Pretttty! no not my hand lol

This item was my OHHHHHHHEMMMMMGEEEEE item! the pro 9 piece brush master set! WOW is fab!! the brush holder/case is soooo nice and looks really professional and sleek! and the brushes are amazing! They have white handles rather than the usual studio black (i prefer the black to be honest) I got a powder brush, a tapered blush brush (perfect size for me!), a foundation brush (which is sooo good!!), an eyebrow/eye lash brush, Eyeliner brush, a tapered shadow brush (again amazing!!), eyeshadow brush (sooo good for packing on eye shadow to the lid & perfect size for smaller lids like mine!), a smudger brush and a lip liner brush! What can I say? I bloody love everything about this set!

Looks soooo much nicer in real life!

Next up is my get the look set! This very nearly ended up on my not keen list! I took it out the box and was like "oh!"  It came with a not very nice packaged eye shadow & the colours are pink and dark grey :-/, a black and glitter mascara, a clear, glittery liquid liner and a supper glossy gloss! My first thought was pink and grey together?? BUT I put them on today and they look lovely!! they mascara is better than I thought too and the gloss is very sticky but its a lovely colour! My only let down is the liner, its not very glittery, you can hardly see it when its on. But all in all for £3.75 I am vv happy with the set!

the pink is lovely!

the mascara

Sorry not a great pic! but this is the gloss!

Ok next up, the shimmer eye liners! I love them! they are so so pretty! highly pigmented and soft and creamy to apply!

Next is the conditioning lip balm! When you think of lip balm you think of a sheer stick, well this lovely balm is neither! Its highly pigmented and in a rather large, lovely packaged pot! Its really soft and silky and I love the colour!!
How pigmented?

Look how big it is?

The daily brush cleaner, does exactly what it says on the tin, or bottle! Its a great size and perfect for cleaning brushes quickly in between uses.

Mineral infused primer, this in my opinion is as good as any of the mega expensive primers! its a nice consistency, sits nice on the skin and helps foundation to sit nicer too.

Studio kabuki brush. I brought the kabuki brush from the regular line and I hated it! It was so sharp it made my skin sore so I never used it again! But wow, the studio one is soooo much better!! Its really soft and feels lovely on the skin.

And lastly the concealer pencil and brush, I have only used this so far on my water line & it looked nice, I will try it as a concealer and let you know what I think of it.

This colour is light.

So there you go there's my haul review, hope you like it! Have you tried any ELF products? what do YOU love & hate??

Love Lucie xxx


  1. I need some of those tinted lip conditioners! they remind me of the - sadly discontinued - MAC tendertones, fab review girl, im hitting the follow button as we speak!

    Danielle xxxxx

  2. what a lovely haul :D

    And about nude lipsticks not suiting you...
    I actually think you've given up wayy too quickly. If you're more like me with regards to skin colour natural nymph is NOT going to look good on you. However.. You shouldn't throw it away .. you can still use it.. say under mellow melon.. or any somewhat darker gloss than natural nymph :D Hope this helps :D

    I LOVE the lipstick in coral, but if you find it too matte [I usually wear it on its own] .. try mellow melon over it :D xxx

    Let me know what you think hun xx
    and keep the posts coming :D

  3. Hiya both of you, thanks so much for following me and commenting!
    Dyna, I think your right about me giving up on nudes too quick, I think I need more brown tone nudes! Ive got viva glam v which is fairly nude and I love it! I'm going to carry on trying different nudes, thanks for your suggestion chick xxx

  4. About the eye transformer: apply the primer, smudge some black/dark eyepencil on your lids and THEN apply the eye transformer ;)
    To me all Essential line face brushes are garbage - not soft enough. Does the Professional kit have the same brushes as the Essential line?

  5. Ohh thanks for that I will give it a try!
    Ive found the essential line a bit hit or miss, some are fab & some are rubbish. The brushes in the pro kit are really nice, very soft & good quality.
    Lucie xx