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Saturday, 3 September 2011

EOTD - Dramatic!!

Hey Lovely people!!

Today I decided to have a play with my gooooorgeous Sleek Caribbean palette!

Excuse the dodgy circles! These are the colours I used.

I only did my eyes so I primed the area and put some ELF shimmering facial whip on my eyes as a base, I then used the white/ creamy colour on my lids. I then put the black just above the crease & I blended that in with the red & I blended away the harsh lines with ELF's eye transformer the very end colour. I then added some more black & again blended it in with the red. I then took a slanted brush & put the red under my eyes, I then did the same with the black. Then I used ELF cream eye liner in black to line my top lashes & on my bottom water line. I then used superdrug double lashes & ELFs regular line mascara. Then I got some red rhinestones, put a blob of lash glue on & stuck them in place with tweezers.

I Hope you like my eye of the day? Would you ever wear a dramatic look like this? if so what occasion?

Love Lucie xxx

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