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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Glossy box!

Hey lovelies!

Today I got my FIRST glossy box!! I was so so excited to get it as I had been on the waiting list for quite a while and every month I had looked at reviews on other peoples blogs! Some of the boxes have been outstanding!!
So I get home from college and there's a card through the door!!! aaaaaarghhhhh so I sent my lovely hubby to the local depot to pick up my parcel ;-) and while he's doing that I had a look for reviews on the net and there are a few already and ohhhhhhhh I am so excited about getting the mythic oil as Ive seen some awesome reviews for it and there is an eye cream I really fancy trying. Well the hubs returns with my glossy box under his arm....woohoo...... I open it....

It's so pretty! the box is lovely and definitely will be used to hold some of my masses of make up....I open the glossy box itself....

It's at this point I notice that I haven't got the mythic oil or the eye cream :-( boohoo!!! What I got instead is good, but I did really want those other items.
Anyway here is what I did get.....

Loving the packaging! V urban decay...

I am not blonde anymore but the colours are great for me as I'm not keen on dark brows on me.

Not too keen on this perfume..

A teeny tiny pot and I am not even sure what its for! The info with box doesn't say!

These look really good and I will be interested to try them!

This smells sooooooo lovely, I am trying to swap with someone for the mythic oil just because I am so keen to try it, but if not I will be happy to use this product even if its just because it smells so goooorgeous!!

All in all I am happy with my box, my only real complaint (apart from not getting the items I would have liked, which is no ones fault) is I really don't think glossy box should be putting samples of perfumes in their boxes, as we really can get these for free!! Maybe if they put them in as a little extra that would be nice but it shouldn't be one of the five items! I will be keeping my subscription for a while to give it a good run but if after a few months no items blow me away I might consider trying the feel unique box instead.

Do any of you guys subscribe to any beauty boxes? if so what are your thoughts? Did any of you with glossy boxes get different items to me?

Lucie xx


  1. UPDATE: having read some of the comments on the glossy box page i see some people got even worse boxes than mine, with just samples in! this is terrible and I do think everyone should get the same!! I hope glossy box sort this out!
    Lucie xx

  2. I am so nervous to receive my first box now :/
    I was in the salon today and their used the Mythic Oil on my hair, it made me want some so badly and then I heard it was in the GlossyBox but knowing my luck I'll end up with sachets...
    Louise x

  3. the first thing i looked for was the mythical oil no such luck, i got 2 sachets, a perfume sample and the tiny pot of balm, i dont care what anyone says these are not deluxe samples and are rubbish compared to other boxes contents.x

  4. I hope you get the mythic oil Louise, but if you don't try beauty box swaps on facebook, I have managed to swap two of my items on there :-)
    Sparkle, its such a shame people have had such different boxes this month as some people have had amazing boxes and others have had rubbish :-( I think my box was not as good as some, but better than others! xxx

  5. The dead sea scrub is great, as is the dead sea mud body mask. I've used them for years.
    I've received different products from yours but I'm pleased overall. :)

  6. I got my box! But no Mythic Oil, but in its place I got a Neal Wolf shine spray which is equally exciting! I got the same contents as you apart from the shine spray and the odd anti wrinkle night cream I received!
    Looking forward to next month already! xx