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Sunday, 5 February 2012

IMATS haul!!!!

Hiya everyone,

As you may or may not know IMATS is this weekend and I went yesterday!!

I will do a separate post with all the details of the day, this is just a quick one to show what I brought.

Hope you enjoy...

Goodies!!! I <3 my imats bag!! lol

I got a few crown brushes.

Illamasqua had some amazing discounts!! but was very packed :-/

Duo lash glue, beauty so clean spray, nyx glitter liner, 2 auto pencils, a glitter and a pigment and a jumbo pencil.

Illamasqua pencils were £2!!! A lipgloss and a pigment.
Real Techniques brushes!! cant wait to review these!!

And here are the swatches........

The Illamasqua lip pencil, the gloss, the 2 eye liner pencils and the foundation.

The NYX jumbo pencil, the pigment, the glitter, the glitter liner & the 2 auto pencils.

The illamasqua pigment, how gorgeous??

The sleek pout paints

The colours mixed! Cant wait to play with these!!!!

Did you go to IMATS? did you get any bargains? 

Love Lucie xxxx


  1. I so wish I could have gone but I am so broke!! Next year fingers crossed!!

    1. I did say I won't go next year as I am not sure its worth the money. But I did really enjoy it so I think I probably will lol xxx

  2. fan-friggin-tastic!!!! i'm sooooooooooo happy i was with you that weekend :) woohooo xxxxx

    1. It was awesome wasn't it? my sister from another mr! lol love ya xxx