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Friday, 10 February 2012

IMATS....Photos and details of the day.

Hey everyone,

So I went to my first IMATS last weekend and we had an absolutely fantastic time! Mostly because of the wonderful company I had!! I met up with a group of girls that I only know through blogging and facebook and it was seriously like I had known them my whole life!! I met sophieSfrancisHarriet1984 and shiningstarmakeup, please check out their youtube channels and blogs as they really are the loveliest ladies!!

So we got to Alexandra Palace and the first thing I thought was it was no where near as packed as I thought it would be! which was good!! We got in straight away and as soon as we walked in we saw this:

How awesome???

Oh and then this.......

So much talent!!

During the day there was various demonstrations and talks going on and walking around were some "creations" who absolutely loved scaring everyone, Sophie literally ran when ever one of them came near us lol!


More EEEEEEK!!!!

There was also a student competition, I couldn't get close enough to get any good photos of the actual show but here is a couple of the contestants...

 How beautiful??


And here are some of the other beauties we saw on the day.....

This make up artist was at the make up forever stand, she was blowing glitter onto her models leg.

The glittery leg!

The gorgeous ladies at treasure house of make up!



Some of the art on show!!

So all in all it was a fab day!! It was very expensive and that is my only complaint really, I think we should have at least got some freebies for the price of the ticket! There were some great discounts but the stands with the best discounts were very busy & it was hard to get close enough to have a proper browse!
Oh and next year I am taking a list of what I want because I didn't get stuff I really wanted to get this year.

My new BFF's!!!!!

Did you go to IMATS? if so what did you think?

Lucie xxx

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