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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Bright and wild...Jessie J inspired lips.


So this is the look i created on my second model. She has a very alternative look, with blue hair! So I went a bit wild with her make up, it was so much fun!!

I wanted to match her hair colour with her eye make up, so I used many different tones of blue, from teal tones to a more royal blue. I then lined her bottom and top lashes with a bright purple and added glitter liner over the top. The lashes for this look are amazing, they sweep out at the corners, creating an elongated, cat eye.

I added some jewels at the corners of her eyes.

Then i started on the lips, i mixed two pout paints to make a really electric purple and added purple jewels, in a jessie j inspired lip look.

I really enjoyed doing both of the looks today, it was a real honour being able to make up such beautiful canvas's!
Here are a few more pictures x

Soooo stunning!

What do you think?

Lucie xxx

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