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Friday, 17 February 2012


Hey Lovelies,

I need your help! I am trying really hard to build up this blog and gain more followers but I seem to be stuff at 40! I would love love love to have a bigger audience, it would make my ego happy :-) lol

Anyway I would REALLY appreciate it if you all would do a shout out for me or mention my blog on your blogs/youtube channel's? Of course I will happily do the same for you, just put a comment on this post if you would like a shout out.

And if I can get my blog up to 75 followers I will do a big giveaway with lots of my favorite items in!

FYI, coming up will be a review on my real technique brushes, some "how to" posts and of course eye or face of the days. I'm planning on doing some creative make up posts too, I feel very inspired by IMATS still :-D

Any other suggestions?? I would love to hear them.

Please do let me know any thoughts, ideas or opinions.

Lucie xxx


  1. Replies
    1. I am going to do a favorite blogs post when I get chance and yours will be on my list for def Keri! That may get you a few more followers, if yours are different to mine :-) xxx

  2. I find it you comment a lot on other blogs and follow blogs around the same size or smaller than yours people will follow you back! x

    1. Thanks Beautybalm, I worry about commenting and putting my link in case people think thats the only reason I am commenting IYSWIM, I do comment often but usually when I actually have something to say lol xx

  3. The best thing to do is interact with other bloggers, whether you leave a comment or through twitter/Facebook. If you interact with other bloggers and are interested in their blog, then in return they will be interested in yours! Well now you have 41 followers (i just followed) Happy blogging!

    1. Aww thank you so much! I am going to follow you back :-) xxxx

  4. I have the same problem, I am now following you hope you follow back